Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winter in Twin Peaks

We knew that the roads were frozen, and so we thought we would
go out into the Twin Peaks area to see if we could find some horses and
to see how they were doing at the end of January.
It was so pretty, quiet and so peaceful....

Right in the road, as if to welcome us and show us the way..he was stunning
against the white of the snow...
We follow him around the corner, and there is his family..

Their coats are thick and the horses are in great condition

We continue on and find these two, they are not going to stand around
for pictures..

It didn't take them long to be out of sight....

The country side takes on a whole new beauty, spring will be
here soon and the land will be alive with wild flowers in all colors.

A curious glance as to wondering why we are out here this time of year..
His buddy totally ignores us, as if to say go away...

They wander off buds in this winter wonderland...

And who is this we see peaking through the bushes..??

The further we get into Nevada, the less snow there was....

Even though there is not as much vegetation here, the horses were still
looking very good.

A pretty stallion, all alone...he should come home with us..!!

If these walls could talk ....

It had been a good day, we saw some pretty herds, but most
of all, I saw that the horses were in good shape, winter would
soon be over...grass would grow, new foals would be born.
Life "was" good for the wild horses, living free and wild as they
were mean't be. 

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