Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shaggy Coats

In January 2007, we decided that we would go out and look for some horses, knowing that the roads were dry as there had been very little moisture, we took was well worth the trip.

We found these three stallions, they were in great shape, their shaggy winter
coats thick.   They were more curious of me than afraid, as is with many stallions
when they have no mares or family to protect.

This guy was so pretty,,,,,

I took my time with them, standing by a tree and very quietly just enjoyed
watching them.

Time to move on.....

The next band we found was not far from Dodge Reservior

A family band this time.

With a beautiful black stallion

He stood quietly in the background as the younger ones came closer
to investigate

These horses were also in very fine condition

So strong and  proud

For me...this picture made the entire day worth while...

Around a corner and this family crossed the road in front of us..
He was so pretty....already had a winter coat...
A little family...all is very good condition
What a good looking baby...he is healthy and strong going into the
winter months, and so is his mom...

I have seen the bald face many times out here...with his markings he
is easy to spot...and he is not very afraid...This is the first time I have
seen him with this herd.

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