Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stone Corral Area

Stone Corral and the Buffalo Flats area is pretty, but the road is
really rough so we very seldom go there, but this day the trip was well
worth it..

The grass is thick and lush,

The old stone corral still stands, maybe a little rugged now..

I wonder how long this old gate has hung here,, and who built it so
long ago.
The ride only got better when we found this guys.....!!!

They weren't really afraid of us....unsure but very curious.  I just took my time,
getting out of the truck and standing still to see how close they would come..
I slowly walked away from the truck...thinking maybe just me alone they
would be more apt to come closer and check things out.

They were two of the prettiest horses I have ever seen....
They were is great shape, fat and sleek...

I just stood in one spot, the gray more interested in the truck than he was me.


They continued to walk around, the gray was very much the leader
of the two...there was no doubt..

Ah..this was great...loved these boys...

This guy has some excellent blood lines there is no doubt..

All at once, they decided it was time to leave....they ran out into the
brush..we decided to sit on the tail gate and have lunch....we started
laughing as here they started back, they made a big circle around us and
came at us on the other side....

They seemed to forget all about us...

I guess they finally decided it was time to move on, with a last look
at us...he turned and off they went...

I have tons of pictures of these guys, but will stop here...I enjoyed my
time spent with them,   I'm glad they left first as I didn't want to leave
them.....but I have these pictures to look back and remember...!

Pretty country, very different from the western part of the HMA.

This was the only other group we saw,,,,,but that was ok...our day
was well spent..!!

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  1. Wonderful photos! They prove the horses are not starving, too. No reason to remove them except man's greed.