Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buckhorn Byway

This herd was pretty, but the Stallion was beautiful and stole my heart...

He was ready to have his picture taken..what a show off..and how I loved him


I found these guys above Burnt Lake....

I think he was getting old, but he was still proud an grand looking...

His mane was so pretty

These two were alone..seemed like spring and summer 2010 I have seen more Stallions
without mares that ever before.
He was also alone...Early spring 2010

I have been watching this guy and his herd for a couple year..
His mares change once in a while, but one thing that never changes is his
buddy....They are always together, "One Ear" is always easy to recongize..
He also has the catch and release O on his hip...
These were taken at Sob Lake..

His mares paid no attention to me, but he was on the lookout
most of the time.
Early spring, but they were in great shape and last years baby was
strong and fat....
Still wearing the remains of his winter coat..warm spring days and he
will soon be sleek and shiny..

A different sighting down  by Burnt Lake
Still together..lets hope that they will live out their lives together.
She also has the capture and release brand on her hip

This young stallion was alone, so he was pretty easy to walk upon

I think he was lonely..


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