Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stand Off's

Once in a while, I will find a Stallion that really wants to show me he
is the boss....this guy was one of them !

He had a herd to protect, and he wanted to make sure I was not a threat
to his family..

After checking me out, he went back to his herd, and got them moving
away from me....

He followed in behind them and they headed off...


This guy was all alone...

At this point, I thought maybe I should get a little closer to a tree,
My heart was beating fast, not from fright, but from being so close to
something that was so breath wild and was awesome

I was beginning to wonder how close he was going to get....

He stopped, spent a few minutes just watching me....

Yawned, as if
telling me that I was a very boring object..

and with that, decided that he would continue with his lunch..

A last look at me, and he wandered off....


 He walked out of the tree's before we saw his family..

Dinner waits for no one..

What a pretty Stallion,,he pranced and snorted a few times, and then
he was off......loved him !!

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