Friday, August 27, 2010

Sob Lake, off the Buckhorn Byway Rd.

Sob Lake,  a popular place for the wild horses, no matter how wet our winter is, by mid
May or first of June, it goes dry, and leaves a meadow that all can enjoy

This is one of the best spots, I can almost always find horses here..

A herd of antalope graze on the tree line  up behind the horses

Most of the herds, once they spotted me..took off for the protection
of the tree's. (antalope to the right)

You can see the capture and release brand on the dark horse's hip,
O whichs means he was captured in 2000

I have seen this pair many times, he is easy to spot with one ear missing.

I was sitting in the brush, although they could not really see
where  I was, they knew something was not like it should be

It was so fun to watch them prance back and forth...wondering
what the heck was in the bushes...

These were all stallions of different ages, all very curious and not
afraid at all
I finally moved out into their sight at the edge of the meadow.
They blew and pranced around..and they decided to come closer

It is safer in numbers I here they come to find out what I
am all about...

They had enough of me..and away they went...!!

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