Thursday, August 26, 2010

And Then There Was Color

These pictures speak for themselves...these horses were so pretty

We found these horses not far from SOB Lake..

Off in a distance, I could see this herd, so I starting hiking ..
Walking through the sage..I could hardly wait to get to them
Oh my...what a treasure this group was..!!

This herd was breathtaking... I sat down, and just enjoyed the view, watching
them wander off slowly as they grazed, not fearing me at all.

This family was awesome !!!  The little guy in the back, so strong and healthy

My thought that this was mother and daughter as they stayed pretty close

I really hated to leave this herd...but who knew what was over the next
ridge, I had to find out..with any luck, I would see them again sometime.


This mare running across a dry lake bed caught my eye !!

She was running towards her herd.  Notice the O brand on the rump of
the dark horses...He had been captured by BLM and released, the O meaning
2000, the yr, he was caught.

Once with her family, she was fine..but the Stallion pranced back and
forth, showing me that this was his group, and he was protecting them.

I loved this guy....he was King Daddy for sure..!!
They soon realized I would do them no harm, and began grazing

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  1. Linda, these are breathtaking and heartbreaking photos because these horses belong out there, free, but now most will be caught in pens thanks to the skewed priorities of the Bureau of Land Management. People need to see and understand that these horses are not "excess" at all. They are magnificent and properly contributing to the range, fitting into their environmental niche. Nobody out there is going hungry, least of all the livestock. There is also abundant water in this HMA.
    The National Academy of Sciences is supposed to start an independent study of our wild horses and burros in January 2011, but almosty all that will be left to study are 40,000 wild horses in holding facilities. We need a moratorium on the roundups, effective immediately, if we are to get anything resembling an accurate study.
    The stallion you photographed at SOB Lake might very well be Atticus. Take a close look; tell me what you think. Look at the video on my blog.
    Thank you again for all you are doing. Thank you for getting these beautiful photos out there. Thank you for showing up for them. You are a treasure. Nickers, Elyse