Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring and Summer 2010

My heart is aching as I make these journeys out into the Twin Peaks area this year.  I know that BLM has decided that there is to many horses on the HMA here.  Thinking that these next few weeks may be the last time I see these guys, makes my eyes fill with tears and I need to find as many as I can before its to late..time is running out for me to enjoy them...but more than that..time is running out for these beautiful animals to be running free and wild...This should not be happening..
Buck Horn Reservior
A herd relaxes in the sun.  Spring is here, lot of green grass..Life is good
for them right now...Thank God they can enjoy these days not knowing
what is ahead of them. They will loose their freedom, and their families.

A new foal....
I didn't try to get any closer..

Another new one...this time closer and we could enjoy looking at them.

As I watch them wander off, I wonder how this little guy will do
when the helicopters come and chase him over this rocky ground.

Hmmmm...and who are you...???

This guy was great....

Another couple of  Stallions with no mares.

Look at those lashes....

This guy had his share of battle wounds..


Spring baby....

Her chances of growing up here are very slim...
but for now she is happy...


I never get tired of looking for horses..seems like when you have seen
them all, you find a new family....I loved this group, they were very
mellow, the stallion very curious, but not afraid...maybe he sensed that I
would do them no harm....I wish I could hide them away from the evil
that will come out of the sky and herd them into corrals that will change
their life forever,,,

He slowly came closer, I could hardly control the excitment that
I felt...he was so awesome,  I stood still, not wanting to frighten him.
I wanted to take pictures of his family, but I also did not want to take the
chance on scareing him off if I moved.

The other members of the family now started walking towards me...

This mare looked old,
Awesome...!! loved this little mare

They began to graze, they had forgotten about me I think.

Yes my friend, I am still here...just checking, he said...
He is a beauty, as is his family...sadness takes over as I bid him
goodbye...will I ever see him and his family again living wild and free...
In June, we decided to go back into the Buck Horn Lake country..
A nice band...
Middle of June and there is so much feed...but no spring babies in
this herd...

Quiet and calm, hard to think about in a little over a month, these very
horses will be terrorized by the helicopter..taking away everything they
have ever known..

Not sure what he was watching, but not me for sure...
What a beauty..hmmm.wonder if that is his son  ?
Out from the trees behind me walk these two guys, they were not
afraid of me at all....wasn't long and they went back to grazing, totally paying
me no attention at all...

This is such pretty country...loved these Iris
Coming down to the meadow, they spotted me and would come
no closer, they turned and went back into the trees.
A field of buttercups, but what I noticed was the very "expecting" mare
in the when the roundup starts the first of Aug. and this being the middle
of June, this baby would be barely 5 or 6 weeks old, if she had the baby soon..
How will it ever survive...???

A happy family, enjoying the warmth of  the sun...

A Robin pauses in its search for food ...wondering who the
intruder is perhapes

On the way out, we run into the group, looks like they have already been
to the lake...

The end of June, out behind Round Corral we find a beautiful family,
enjoying the peace and stillness of a summer day.  The foal loving the
time spent with his Mom in this pretty place....In just over a month, this
peace and stillness that this family has this day, will turn into a terrifying
nightmare that will not end until they are taken from their home and their
families are no longer together.

They are not sure about us...
What a tall stong looking colt...they also are in great shape...
Are you following me by any chance....:-)))

Looks like its a "bad hair day"....see..we all have them...!!

They are not afraid of us, they have no fear of man yet...
that will change...!!
"Dad" stands off to make sure we are not going to hurt his family.
He is so pretty !!!
East side of Round Corral Reservior is an old Marr Brothers corral
It's made out of  Juniper trees....the logs aged and weathered..
 they are so pretty,

A Killdeer scurries from rock to rock...this is surely "peace in the valley"

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