Saturday, August 28, 2010

Painters and Mixie Flat Area

Going into Painters Flat, I hiked in and hid behind the bushes.
For awhile, they did not even know I was there...

Then one stallion came in behind me...blowing and prancing around ..
This alerted the rest of was so awesome..!!

The Stallion joined the herd, with one last look at me...

They were off....
These two were on the North side of Painters.

Eastern side of Painters upon a side hill...

This guy was so pretty....

Time to go...see ya...!!!

Mixie flat is southeast of Painters.  There are a couple year round springs
there, and it was always a sure bet to find horses.

I saw this band three different times, but never was able to get close
enough for good pictures...The Stallion, off  to the left, was beautiful, but very
unsure of us...and would take off as soon as he saw us...this was the only picture I
was able to get of him...

This band has a tiny foal..the horses in Mixie Flat seem to be more
afraid..and most of them took off pretty quickly..

 I didn't even try to get close to this group as I didn't want the baby to
have to run.  As I started back to the vehicle..they left on the run

The Mom and Baby lagging behind, the Stallion stopped and waited for
them to catch up...I hurried back to the truck as to not scare them more than
I already had..

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