Monday, March 21, 2011

Palomino Valley BLM corrals...Nevada

February 26, 2011

We went into Reno shopping and knowing that some Twin Peaks
horses ended up at Palomino Valley...I decided to go have a look.
It was Saturday, the corrals were closed so I took some pictures
through the fence

I was just amazed at so many horses they have here...I had no idea..

This little guy will never know the joy of running across the open and wild and living life as he should be living...

Some have  been here awhile as they have lost their fear of humans..

Dozing in the warm sun...!!  

This reminds me of a prisoner...looking through the bars at freedom
outside.... the ugly fencing holding them enclosed inside, his eyes look sad....

Heading had been fun shopping in Reno with my grandson..
but my heart aches for all of the horses that no longer had their freedom...
but more than longer had their family...they have lost everything....

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