Saturday, March 5, 2011

God Bless Their Freedom

February 12, 2011

Sun is shining, there has been no gosh..what else is there
to do but once again go look for my beauties...!!  My heart had been so heavy all
fall, wondering what I would find after the roundup of Twin Peaks....We haven't found
them like we use to...but thank God...there are still some out there that for now,
we can love and enjoy  !!!

Once again on our way out...we see dozens upon dozens of antalope.

On highway 395..right where the Carlo Rd takes off...we have been seeing
this group of four... They are ok as long as I stay in the truck ...but once I
get out ....they are off and away...!!

They are a playful bunch...

We once again take off on the Dodge years past we would never
see many horses in this area..but the horses seem to have moved out
of the Buckhorn Byway area...I am hoping in the spring they will return.

We drove aways down the Buckhorn Rd...finding a lone stallion coming
up from Buckhorn Reservior.
Farther down the road,,,this guy comes prancing out..they were in a
hurry and didn't hang around for pictures....

A quick look between the tree's and they were gone..

Another lone Stallion...

Back on the Dodge Road we find a family relaxing in the warm afternoon

Afternoon relaxation at its best...until I came along.

They watch me...I am very still..wondering why they cannot hear my
heart pounding with excitment !!
So good to see another mare than will be foaling in the spring...
is it to much to hope that they will never hear the terror from the 
helicopter above them or the feel of human hands...!
Soon they decide I have been there to long and they leave...
About a mile down the road, through the tree's I can see some color...
Yeah...more heart is racing...I would never have dreamed we 
would see so many in this area...
I walk through the trees quietly..but there is no sneaking up on this
young I look at his face...his eyes...the little marking  above
his nostril...I wonder if the stallion in the pictures above is his Dad...look
at their me...they have the very same look.. along with.his black stockings..

His little friend paid  no attention at cool...
It has been a great much better than I ever imagined...

The end to a perfect day....

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