Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dodge Road

Feb 6, 2011

Its been a couple weeks, weather had been warm and so we once again
head out to the Buckhorn Byway. ..this time taking our quads.

Its a really nice day...but no horses at all on the Buckhorn Rd

Taking off the main road we thought for sure we would
find horses..there was fresh signs but no sightings..

Northwest to Observation Mt.

So...nothing in this area..we decide to take the road Dodge  Rd.
and here we had some luck !

A small herd of three...I was afraid that there wouldn't be any horses here...
I know this area was trapped this was a pleasant surprise/

This guy will be very easy to notice if I ever see him again...

What great shape they are in..

He is such a beauty....
This herd made no attempt to leave....

I finally bid my farwell...and was off...!!!

We came across one other stallion alone up on a hill
side...I hiked up to him....he also didn't pay to much attention to me..

The markings on his face was so unusual..

I guess he thought if he ignored me long enough..I would leave..
he was right.....:-)))
I saw one other group..but wasn't able to get close to them..

As I walked closer,,,,he seemed to stand guard between his family and
me...and then he tunred and down the mt. he went with his herd..!!


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