Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter Horses in Twin Peaks

January far the winter has been pretty least the last
few weeks so we thought we would go see how much snow was out on
the Buckhorn Byway...

We saw this little family not very far into the Byway....but only
another mile or so and it was pretty evident that we would not be going
very far we turned around and headed to the
Smoke Creek road.
On the way back ...we saw this little guy...he and his buddy by the
Carlo Road.....

Looking south towards the Skedaddle Mt. range

The Smoke Creek Rd. was not bad..being futher south on the Twin
Peaks HMA,,,so  we had no problems.

There were tons of antalope.

The beauty of nature in all seasons...!  This was so cool  !!

Ice crystals along the edge were so pretty...!!

We made the entire loop, going through Smoke Creek and coming out
on the Sand Pass Rd. and no horses...but then I didn't think there would be.
Heading back home...along the very Southern end of Twin Peaks
HMA....we started seeing manure along the road.  NEVER had
we seen horses in this a great surprise we
had....I was in heaven  !!

Here was the most perfect family.. all very healthy and fat and sleek
going through more than half the winter..
They were not really afraid..more curious than anything at this point.

I just stood quietly...and snapped away...

They would trot they were leaving...but would work their
way back towards me...!!

These two yearlings could have passed for twins....they were so cute
.... didn't get far from their Mom's

He just was not worried about me at all.....

I could have stayed with this family forever..and I have a ton more
of pictures of them....but after about a half hour...I decided to leave them.
What they are doing in this dry part of the HMA....who knows..
But they were in excellent condition....

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