Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring and a New Baby

May 1, 2011....
Spring is here....the roads have dried out enough and its time
to go see if I can find some babies...We head out into
the Twin Peaks area...with high hopes.

 We traveled across the Buckhorn Byway...not finding one single
horse and no fresh was very sad....last year we would have
been able to see dozens of them.....Even at Sob Lake...always
a sure bet for horse came up empty.
As I watch this pair of geese float across Pilgrim Lake...I cannot help
but think about the terrible roundup here last Sept....destroying families
and taking away the freedom of the wild horses....


We turned around and went out the Dodge road....and finally, came
upon this family...
They were not even afraid....I enjoyed just watching them..

It is very evident that the mare on the right is about ready to foal...
I can't wait to come back and see what she has....She is in really good
shape ..our winter was pretty hard and long....but look at her...beautiful..
The brand on the stallion tells me that he was captured and released
in 2002.. 

This mare also was branded.. and looks like will also be foaling soon,
I would imagine this is her stud colt as he stayed pretty close to her
the entire time..
This young stallion in very good shape after winter..

The Stallion is so pretty.... 

An expecting pretty to see.

A soft nuzzle....the love of a family..
The three Amigo's....I didn't press the herd..just stood quietly
and enjoyed every minute with them....

This chipmunk popped up to see what was going on....

 Lots of pictures...but after the last roundup...I thought this was important
in case there is another roundup..(God forbid) ...we can keep better track of what 
horses I find out here....

Hopefully this young stallion will someday have his own herd...
he already has that gallant look about him.....

A proud keeper of his family....nothing in more beautiful
than to sit and watch  them enjoy the warm afternoon 

It is time for me to go ...and this family also decides to move on...
I will be back and hopefully get to see the new additions to the family.

The grass is just beginning to grow..another month it will
be alive with color from the wild flowers...

A little further down the road...I see a new foal....this Mom was very 
nervous and did not want me close...
Didn't take her long to spot me..not sure of where the Stallion was, 
I sat quietly and watched...hoping she wouldn't leave.
She started to move up the hill a little...
Lucky for me, she stopped in another clearing..and I was able
to enjoy them for awhile...

Dinner time for baby..
I noticed the mare watching ..and looked up the hill...and there was 
Dad....what a beauty.....  I snapped a picture and decided to leave as
I didn't want to frighten them....
 He nickered...and as he moved off into the did his family..

We drove out the Rye Patch Road clear to the Shinn Ranch, 
saw a little sign and the only horses we saw were 2 way high
on a hill above the ranch....sad....!!  
Herd of deer still with their winter coat...
Never have I seen so much water as there is this year,
Sob Lake, Buckhorn, Pilgrim..they are all right to top....
Above Rye Patch Road...still lots of snow..but the road was dry..
Kind of a sad day...we drove over  60 miles in
prime wild horse country..and saw 10 horses....
This should not be....

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