Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 2010..after the Roundup at Twin Peaks

November 6, 2010

I decided to go out and see how many horses I could find  after the Twin Peaks roundup, with
a sad heart, as I knew that the places I would travel would flash me back to the last time
I was there.  The Roundup was going on and the horses were being removed from their
home range.  I knew that Painters Flat would remind me of the Paint Stallion
that while being run into the catch pen, hit the gate post and broke his neck,
killing him instantly....But my love to see the wild horses  was much greater than
the bad memories that the roundup had left in my mind.
The old French Ranch Ranch, now empty, was pretty with the colors of fall

I wondered how much of the roundup this guy had witnessed..

Not far in, we saw  these three stallions...there were not afraid
at all heart was singing...
He is very pretty, and not worried about me ...
As always he pranced around and blew at me...but then was more
interesred in his if they were just getting to know each other.

These two put on quite a show....

I could have stayed here forever watching these guys, but I was anxious
to go and see if I could find any more...

Even in the late fall there is color in the high is always pretty

The reservior at Painters Flat was over flowing with water...but we only
saw one wild horse, slowly making his way across the center of the flats.  We talked
to three guys on quads. They had been riding for two days in that area and had
seen a total of 4 horses.  Very sad..!!  We decided to go the Buckhorn Byway and
see if we could find any horses.

On the South side of Round Corral, we found a pretty herd...

 They were not afraid and so I took my time, walking slowly to get closer
to them...they didn't seem to mind at all that I was there..

This guy loved his family....I was so happy to at least know that there
was still horses out here....

What a sweet guy he is....!!!     to cute...nickering sweet nothing to
his lady :-)))   Love it..!!

So pretty, sleek and shiny..going into winter in very good shape, and
still lots of grass for them even his late in the year...

This herd is just so relaxed..enjoying the warm fall day and not
paying any attention to me...I was lovin' this...

I was looking back to see...if you were looking back at me...
He is a cute guy !!!

I spent a long time watching this group...My heart was singing...
I was so happy just to know that I was still going to be able to
find my beautiful horses, maybe not as many as before..but  this
was better than none at all..

On the way back, at the very same spot we had found the horses above,
this group had moved in..

This stallion is beautiful....

With the dry mud on him I would say that they had come up from
Round Corral Reservior...

They didn't stay but a few minutes..and they were off over the mountain.
But another group that is still there..!!

We saw a few lone stallions...

All the horses we saw were in very good shape.

In all this day we have seen 46 horses.  A couple bunches took
off as soon as they spotted us..

Observation Mountain from the west side.

Heading home..It had been a good day...I had found some horses..
for now, they were living free and they should be..


November 14, 2010

Once again we head out to the Twin Peaks area to look for horses.

He had a mare and yearling colt, but they took off  so no pictures of them

We had seen this horse last weekend ....he is running along..

This time on the Buckhorn Rd. we only saw 4 horses all day.

Old cabin at the Horn Ranch..

Two baby graves on the east side of the Horn Ranch..

I hiked a ways to get to this group..but they took off before I could
get very close to them....Pretty family unit..

We saw more horses this time going into this area, but they were
very afraid and ran as soon as we were spotted...By the time I hiked up
to these guys..they were gone..

Big Springs...the sun is going down and its time to head home

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  1. Oh Linda... this is beautiful!
    Thank you for being there!