Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 'Blind One"

In April of 2009, we head out into the Twin Peaks area...driving along the Buckhorn Byway.
Looking across the draw we can see this single horses standing and I decide to stop and
see if I could get closer to him.
 Slowly, walking, staying behind trees in hopes that he will not see me...
I keep getting closer, and closer.  I can see that his nostrils are flaring as he is
trying to smell get wind of me... but he does not run,, he just stands there.

He never turns to look at me,, so I step out from behind the trees ..
still no response from him..he is still blowing trying to get my scent.

I walked around in front  of him, he still did not move..

Still he just stood there as I walked around in front of him so I could
look at his other eye.... What a pretty boy..

He seemed to be very bored with the entire deal..yawned a few time and
moved up closer to a tree..maybe wishing that this thing he could smell would
go away....and I did....I said goodbye to him...
took another picture and left him to enjoy the rest of his day

I don't know for sure that he was blind..but he never acted like he saw me
This is where I left him...about 20 feet from where I found him...

October, 2009

Once again traveling along the Byway....we find two horses grazing on the hill side.
I hike up to them and take a few pictures..

Neither horse was very afraid...they looked at me and even came a little closer
It wasn't until Sept. of 2010 that I realized that this was "the blind one"
I met Cathy at the wild horse roundup, and sent her a few pictures that
I had taken....It wasn't until then that I reconized the other horse.

If this horse was blind, somehow he had found his way to this pretty
little mare...He stayed close to her...still never really acting that he
could see me..
She is a pretty little mare...

After Cathy saw the pictures that I sent, she said that the roan colored
horse really looked familiar..and sent me a picture that she had taken
in Redding in  April of 2010 at a BLM adoption..
This photo above  taken by Cathy..her blog Where The Wild Horses Are 
Cropped and put together, there is no doubt that this is the same horse.
They were captured Nov./Dec. 2009.   Cathy and I have wondered what
happened to "the blind one" if he was indeed blind.  How could he
manage being rounded  up..and if he was...I am sure that BLM would
not have let him live....we will probably never know....

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