Thursday, November 25, 2010

Afternoon At Sob Lake


June 2010

I had met  Pat and Deniz  through Youtube..after talking on
the phone and knowing they loved the wild horses, we decided
we would meet and go look for some. With the wild horse roundup starting
the first of August, we knew we were running out of time
...It was a nice summer day so we took off and 
drove across the Buckhorn Byway.
After the roundup of the wild horses in the winter of 2009, the horses
were harder to find but I was hoping that we would be able
to find some..we saw a herd at Round Corral but they took off 
before we could even get very good pictures...

Going past Sob Lake, we spotted color down in the flats. We parked the truck, 
took off through the sage, coming down a small hill that overlooked the horses.
We crouched down in the brush, found a good rock
to sit on  and waited for them to graze by...sure enough,
it turned out to be a great spot..

One by one they file by ...never ever realizing we were there.... 
Its a warm beautiful afternoon...our seats  (rocks) weren't all that 
comfortable...but our view of the horses was awesome.  As the sun set,
we just chatted quietly...watching and enjoying the horses..

Another herd works its way across the draw...grazing and still they
do not know we are was so fun to sit and watch them...
The paint is very pretty......

Soaking up the last warm rays of the sunshine...
And time for dinner for the little one.

It was fun to be able to enjoy the horses...

For a minute we thought we had been discovered...if we did, he didn't
seem to care...what a beauty he is...

As we quietly sit there, Mr. Coyote comes out of the sage brush in
search of some dinner.. 
He pauses and looks are way.. but then continued on his hunt...
how cool to be able to watch him...

As the sun begins to set, it is time for us to leave and head back to
the has been a wonderful afternoon, being able to sit and
watch the horses....soon this peaceful place will roar with a sound
of for the horses will never be the same..
But for now...all is good...

Pretty sunset on the high desert.....

It has been a good day....


  1. Thank you Linda. This was indeed a wonderful afternoon - you captured the magnificence of the beautiful horses and the splendid time we spent together. Much love - Deniz

  2. Thanks Linda, for posting, and for the honoring dedication. It if wasn't for your trained eyes Deniz and I would have never witnessed these beautiful horses. It is too bad the BLM does not value wild horses. Hopefully people like us will effectuate change to the BLM's ingrained disdain for wild horses.