Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Holding Pens at Bull Flat

Once the horses are loaded in stock trailers from the catch pens,
they are then taken to what is called the holding corrals.  Here they
will sort the horses, mark them as to what area the horses came from,
check to see for injuries and sort them, stallions and mares separated.
The families will never again be together.  Even if they are lucky enough
to be turned loose at a later date, it will not be as a family unit.
We are put on a flat bed trailer and not allowed to get close to look
at the horses, but even this far we can see bite marks and scrapes on
the horses.  The stallions are put together so the dominent stallions
are mean to the younger or older ones...

With a zoom lens and cropping this picture, you can see the bite marks
or injuries from  loading and transporting them on a couple different horses.

I hated seeing them like this....the stallions that I watched in the wild,
prancing and blowing at me...not caged and broken...

This was so sad..tears filled my eyes as I watched them being moved...
this had to be a sad time for them...the stallions were calling out to
their mares...the mares would call back...

Horses being unloaded from Painters Flat Sept. 4, 2010

Sue Cattoor

Even at this distance we can see the powerful bite from this Stallion

Its almost like you can see a lost look in their they know their
lives will never be the same again. 

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